Whatever your business, CrossPay will serve you.

It is not necessary to be a specific business owner to benefit from CrossPay services.

Just enjoy the experience of Crosspay for different businesses, whether personal, commercial, social, and others business areas.

CrossPay in your hands, even if it is on a personal scale, to manage your activity at any time and from anywhere.

CrossPay will not restrict you to a specific electronic device so that you can benefit from it… through any device

Whether it is a mobile, tablet or PC… You will be able to enjoy CrossPay.

CrossPay provides several different methods of payment .. such as electronic payment through PayPal – Visa

Direct through bankcards.

You can also coordinate with sales team to choose

Crosspay has provided many fast communication methods to provide the strongest technical support service in the Arab countries.

Ways to contact with CrossPay :

Email: support@crosspayonline.com

Payment Gateway – Payment Links – Payment Solutions .

Please check the developers page on the link

We follow up with our clients. We send the total amount to you when you request it within 3 business days to your bank account.

We have hundreds of local & international businesses, and they range from companies to home businesses.

CrossPay offer services the same services that get from banks with same security level, get better customer services, and faster account integration and activation with fewer documents.

Most importantly, better overall rates

It’s a feature that CrossPay offers to help expand online engagement and provide a new selling channel for its merchants.

Identity, copy of authorized signatory on our contract.

3 to 5 working days

We offer more than just an online payment solution, an online store, 24/7 support, app maintenance, unlimited customers and billing, there is no cap on how much customers will pay. Weekly cases.

$100 annual subscription fees

8%+$1 on every transaction

No any other hidden fees