Privacy Policy

This document was last updated on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.
This Privacy Policy governs the privacy and confidentiality laws of the website and applications, and has been written to clarify the mechanism for collecting, storing, and managing subscriber data on the and management based on it.

Since data handling and privacy laws may change from time to time, this document may be updated whenever there is a general change in the handling of this data.
We will make sure to notify you of these changes whenever they occur on our official website and on the various platforms of the project.
If you continue to use my invoices after the changes have been made, it will serve as an indication to us that you have read, understood and understood the changes that have occurred and that we have received our invoices You agree to those changes.
When you register for any of my invoices you automatically agree to the My invoices privacy policy document as well as the Terms of Service for my invoices
This document is a legal contract between you (and/or your subscribers, your employers and/or your suppliers and/or any other person and/or any other legal entity or entity that you represent) as users of my billing services You will be directed and named in this document using the first person singular, plural and possessive forms (such as "you" and/or "you") and the cursor will be directed toward us in the first person forms (such as "we" and / or "Our Services" and/or "My Bills").
If any new services, platforms and/or features are added to our services, they will be subject to the same rule mentioned above.
We will keep all information relating to you clear, correct, complete and up-to-date, and will be provided to us by you. If you ask us to access your personal data, you will be informed of what our records contain of your private data, and what the uses of this data are under the law, and then we will grant you access to that data. When we use the term “personal data” in this policy, it means personally identifiable data, But it does not include the name, job, work address, or phone number of an employee of any entity or organization.
We store personal data when you establish a new user on any of our services, when you log on to it, or at any point when one of our services is used on the My invoices platform, or when you use One of our affiliated services.
1. What data do we collect and store and why?
We take from customers their private data such as name, e-mail, mobile number, address. We need this data to provide the necessary commercial services for the commercial process taking place between the two parties (the subscriber and the other subscriber), including completing payment requests and documenting requests. This data is used to improve the quality of service provided by us as well.
2. When do we record and store this data?
When a customer registers in my invoices or enters my invoices
3. What data do we collect and store and why?
We take from subscribers of my invoices and users of the technical support service their private data. We may obtain some personal data when a ticket for technical support is opened or an inquiry is registered by visitors generally, such as name and e-mail, in addition to the visitor information previously mentioned in this section. We use this data to provide the necessary technical support and respond to inquiries received, and to improve the quality of service provided by us as well.
4. What are cookies?
It is a very small data packet and may contain a unique identification number, It is sent to the user's browser from a website and stored in the user's device, and every device that visits our site is provided with its own cookies by our site.
5. Why does my billing use cookies?
We use cookies to identify the user's device and in this way give the browser or visitor the best view of the site and the best possible experience on their device. We may use these cookies to disseminate some advertisements directed by different advertising engines (such as Google or our own advertising network, etc.), so that these cookies are used to know the user's search history, previous visits to our site and his choices from searches on other sites as well. It is a well-known and agreed-upon method by most of the global search engines and most popularly used by Internet users, such as Google and others, and thus the idea of ​​redirecting the ad material is something known and circulating by the user.
To get more knowledge about how cookies work, you can search for them with the word “cookies” on any global search engine, and you will find many articles that inform you about them extensively.
6. What are the things we don't do with your private data?
We in my invoices do not share, publish, sell, rent or grant access to the data of our customers of various classifications to any company or for any marketing purposes, whether for special services or products with other companies. We cannot use your data that we have available to us to sell them, market them, or direct them to buy other products.
7. How do we keep your personal data safe and confidential?
No security system is impenetrable - there are virtually no digital data transmissions or digital storage on the Internet that is 100% secure so far and is not expected to exist in the future. Therefore, no party - whatsoever - can categorically guarantee the confidentiality of data and information. We at Fawateer use the best available methods and modern technologies to ensure the security of data and the confidentiality of its storage and possible backup for basic data, so we expect you to contact us immediately when you suspect that any of this data has been leaked in any possible way at ( We will assist you immediately and in strict confidence in resolving the problem that occurs in this regard.
8. Permissions to access your personal data
You have full authority over your personal data and you can access it at any time you want, We at my invoices take all necessary measures to enable you to correct, amend and/or delete your personal data that you deem to be incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate.
If you have any questions about personal data, confidentiality of information or this version of this document, please contact us at